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How did we get here?

Who are we all on Stickers, Stars and Smiles?I am a working mum to two kids, wife to one slightly deranged cyclist husband, and owner of two oddly named black cats; Donkey and Shrek. Don’t ask. But they get blamed for everything and its usually Donkey.

I started blogging for my business, where I run a parenting website offering advice and Moonpig-type design your own reward charts and other kids charts globally (KiddyCharts).

Unfortunately for my husband, I got the bug. So, this is my personal blog; please forgive the occasional swearing, pants on the floor, and empty beer bottles you may find strewn across here. They simply wouldn’t do in the office.

Don’t tell the husband I am here though, he doesn’t know yet.

Who are we all?

Chatterbox is my nearly 8-year old daughter, with an uncanny ability to have an answer for everything.

Stuntboy is six and I am sure is going to cause me endless trips to A&E as he discovers to joys of competitive sport. Thankfully, we aren’t there, yet….

My husband, Brad, puts up with us all.

It was meant to be Brad Pitt, but since his obsession with all things two wheeled took hold; it should probably be Bradley Wiggins. Obviously, his name has been changed to protect the innocent. But also because I want him to grow hideous side-burns.

We like everything from arguing over which footy team to support (LFC and Spurs), to running after the kids as they cause havoc on scooters, bikes, and even just their feet.

What can you expect?

This blog is part-therapy, part-rant, part-writing release. And as such I may have a tendency to ramble at times, so you will have to forgive me.

I’ll cover anything that takes my fancy, but am likely to touch most on being a working mum, social media, the chaotic lives of my kids, and my rather stuttering health. All of which play a major part in my somewhat disjointed life.

So sit back and enjoy the ride; but don’t forget to tip the driver when you get off.


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