Love at first bite…

ID-10042612Can’t sleep so I am blogging *go figure*

These last few weeks, we have been watching the football, mostly…we are one of those unusual households where I actually find myself watching footy while my husband does something else. He’s a busy bee you know. We both like it, so it doesn’t cause arguments. I know that’s a happy place to be, and I feel everyone else’s pain I really do.

Given the events of the last few days, we could have been arguing though. You see, I am a Liverpool fan. Granted, I have only been to Anfield a handfull of times, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know a few things about the hallowed ground, and the players that have graced the turf in the last thirty odd years.

From John Barnes, to John Aldridge, to Ronnie Whelan and Kenny Dalglish; there have been some players with true flare, grit and determination – players with metaphorical “teeth.” Sadly, in the last 2 years, our football club seems to have been over-shadowed by another set of gnashers, those of Louis Suarez.

He would do well to remember that NO-ONE is bigger than Liverpool Football Club.

I speak as someone who loves the team, and everything that “The Boot Room” stood for, and the ethos of the club STILL represents. I am sure that not all Liverpool Fans would agree with me…but I would rather Brendon Rodgers sold him. This could have caused an argument, but it hasn’t, my other half agrees as well….

Yes, I know that he was our best player last year, and yes I know that we will be a weaker side without him.

However, if what it appears he has done really, and truly did happen when he “fell” into the Italian defender; then he is an embarrassment to the jersey and to the club. The reaction of a nation should not mean that the club has to react in the same way.

I will NOT praise a man for potentially reacting petulantly on a football field for the THIRD time, and leaving his country weaker for it. I will NOT give someone yet another chance. My son is seven years old and knows that you can’t do that on a football pitch:

“He isn’t a very good example is he mummy?”

You are DAM RIGHT, he isn’t. My son, at three years old, stopped biting his friends when he didn’t get want it wanted. Surely a man of Suarez’ football guile and intelligence should be able to stop too?

We can’t keep giving him chance after chance because he happens to be a good footballer. Bite a man on the street and its ABH – on a football pitch its just a bad decision… *how does that work?*

Perhaps it is hard to show him the door because he is adamant that he didn’t bite. My three year old used to deny having done it too; despite the bite marks.

Maybe we should be giving him the benefit of the doubt; but why does the same man keep getting into these situations, eh? That speaks volumes don’t you think?

What do you think that Liverpool should do? Do you think they should sell him?

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