Can I really be bothered with after school clubs?

GymnasticsEver since the kids started school – time after their day has been eaten into with this that and the other.

I don’t remember it being like this when I were a young lass…

But then, I don’t remember much about being a lass other than:

  • Being a bit bullied at school
  • Weeing in the snow in the playground at four and hoping no-one would notice (maybe there was a connection?), and
  • Never quite fitting in.

My days are full of ferrying kids from here to there; we get Mondays and Fridays off. Nine times out of ten, the kids want to go somewhere else then as well.

My mornings are full of:

Mummy, what are we doing today?

I seem to have created the impression that we always do something after school. Why can’t I just sod off home and watch telly with them once in a while?

I read an article once about the “middle classes” (yep that’s probably me) enrolling their kids in after school clubs so they don’t feel they are failing them…I am pretty sure I am not doing it because of this. I think I am probably doing it because I want them to have an opportunity to try new things. Possibly also so they can do stuff I was never very good at; I guess that might be a bad thing though…

Suddenly, they will do something wonderful, like put on a gym show for me on our bed of all places; and the hassle, the running about like a nutter, and the chaos of trying to organise them in the mornings is all OK after all.

Chatterbox’s skill on this vid leaves me insanely jealous. I think that’s the “not being able to do stuff” thing again..

I spent ages trying to stand and lean back into a bridge at school. I failed…she is seven and can do it already.

So exsqueeze me for being a proud mum just this once!

Do you do loads of clubs after school? Do you wonder why? Or are you a little more sensible and just go home to chill? Let me know below.

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