Easter breaks: Where to go with kids?

Easter breaks

Where to go?

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We are toying with where to go over Easter; still…

There have been many ideas bandied about the place; holiday parks like Butlins, a bit of winter fun, such as a kid-friendly ski resort, pretty much anywhere where the kids will be entertained for more than five minutes without the proverbial breakdown occurring...and I don’t mean us…usually…

Why is it so hard now to find a place for us to go where we can have adult time, yet still keep the kids occupied? I know holidays change when you have sproglets; oh how they change, but does it really have to be sooooo different?

And guess what? We still haven’t reconciled the Ski-ing conundrum; do I or don’t I ski?

I want our kids to like ski-ing, and not be scared of crashing into a tree all the time, which is how I feel. But if I don’t get it, should I have to pretend I do, just to help them settle into it?

Then there is the dreaded packing; it’s a military operation now we have kids. THE holiday “thing” that’s changed beyond all recognition.

Our kids even pack their own rucksacks before we go on holiday, and its rather interesting what they tend to put in them:

  • A toy car
  • Moshi monsters; I know, but they love them, and it appears they have to travel everywhere with them otherwise there are tears. I am always terrified we might lose one…goodness knows what would happen then…
  • A random piece of plastic that probably did, once, serve a purpose, but its long since got mangled or broken and no-one knows what it’s actually for
  • A piece of clothing, a single piece mind for a whole week away *smelly*
  • Their cuddly toy comforter. This ALWAYS goes in, they will never lose this. I am sure both of them will be taking their cat and frog to University with them…

This extra packing means we need the same amount as we would have done if we were going away for two days or for 20…gone are the days when we could throw everything into one suitcase for our Easter Breaks and we’re done. Packing starts a week in advance of Easter and involves much planning and forethought…

Oh, and shouting, of course….

And re-packing as my other half notices that I have, of course,

“Done it all wrong…”

What is with a man and their suitcases? Or indeed, a man and his car-boot-packing…only a man can pack a car boot for going on holiday, apparently; car boots are a man’s territory.

He’ll be blacking up before starting the packing next, you know… *scary*

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