Fancy Dress Themes For Your New Years Eve Party

IMG_1442Everyone loves to get dressed up for a good party, and New Years Eve parties aim to be the biggest and the best. It’s a great go-to for an instant party-mood boost, but what themes are appropriate for your NYE party to really get people in the mood for a good night?

Zombie apocalypse

Swap the end of the year for the end of the world. A zombie outbreak is normally saved for Halloween, but the huge pop-culture value of zombies mean that this is one people will enjoy throughout the year. It’s also budget-inclusive, with people able to splatter some blood and get a bit of grey make up on a budget while those who get more in to things have plenty of options to go wild with gory effects. Threaten to chase any dress-up-slackers around mumbling “brrrraaaaiiiinsss” all night to ensure that everyone gets in the party mood!

Year in summary

Dressing up as the most prominent pop-culture figures of 2013 is a great way to celebrate the end of the year and help usher in the new one. From Miley Cyrus to Walter White, there are dozens of names both real and fictional that have dominated the headlines or risen to prominence in the last 12 months. People will love identifying relevant figures and it also provides your guests with great talking points about the big names of the year.


It has been another strong year for superhero fans at the box office, with hits like Thor 2 and Iron Man 3 getting people in the super-powered mood again. There is such a huge variety of fancy dress costumes that can be taken from the world of comic books and this is a tried and tested theme that people of all ages are sure to enjoy. The rise in popularity of superheroes is not showing signs of slowing down any time soon and this theme can help you get a super start to 2014!

Chart toppers

There have been a huge amount of fantastic chart topping acts this year and who better to dress up as than the superstars who’s hits you’ll be blaring out at your turn-of-the-year celebrations? Whether it’s One Direction or Adele, these costumes require normal clothing and a bit of hair adjustment to pull off rather than a special costume (unless you’re being Gaga, in which case you may get confused for a superhero and told you’re at the wrong party!) Combine with a karaoke machine for the full Stars in Their Eyes effect!

Fancy dress gives people something to get excited about and have fun with. It’s a great talking point, really fun and due to its massive popularity there are loads of great ranges like fancy dress costumes from George available at great prices. The expectations for New Years Eve celebrations are always sky high but if you employ one of these great themes you can guarantee that your party will reach top gear and that you’ll get the New Year going with a bang.

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