Half-term chaos in the Jungle

lionWe are at home…for a week, with the kids…I am going in…don’t worry, it’ll be alright *I hope*

I have wine.

I have chocolate.

I have my sanity, for now.

All I need now is something to do for the whole week with two small people, their friends, and the cats. Then I shall be sorted.

Things started well; no arguments and it’s Monday – Day one…let’s call it…The Jungle.

The day when my son’s bedroom became a refuge for some of the world’s most deadliest animals from South America, thanks to a stroke of wallpapering genius; more on the other blog on this in time.

It involved crossbow’s (free gifts from a magazine), soft toys, and princess dresses. Which, apparently, seem to be the attire for Amazon explorers these days. Annoyingly, explorers don’t like being photographed hard at work for people’s blogs.

It seems to upset the wildlife somewhat. It can cause a bit of a stir in that there jungle. Even to the extent that the wild animals get scared off because of the resultant catawauling….

Who knew?

Photo credit: Feelart from freedigitalphotos.net