Is it too early to get excited about the Wimbledon finals?

Wimbledon activitiesWhile most of the country (and the world) is busy descending into football fever, fans of Wimbledon might be looking forward to other sporting action – but is it too early to be excited about the Wimbledon finals? We don’t think so!

With the first matches less than a month away, whether you’re sat in a McCarthy and Stone retirement property, or on the sofa with the kids, here are our thoughts on Britain’s favourite tennis championship and how to get ready for it.

Entertain your friends

With weeks to go before any matches you’ll need something to channel your excitement into – so why not start planning a family-friendly Wimbledon party? Get the kids involved in making pretty invitations to send out to your guests and make simple bunting to give your home and garden an authentic English party vibe.

You and your family can occupy plenty of time planning menus full of summer favourites to serve your guests. Cucumber sandwiches, Victoria sponge cakes and scones with jam are all British classics that children can help make, while refreshing drinks like Pimms are great for the grown-ups.

Get the kids involved

If your children are excited about Wimbledon, it’s a great opportunity to encourage them to get active and indulge in some exercise. Check your local leisure centre or sports club to find out what tennis-themed clubs and activities they run, or just head down to your local tennis courts with a bat and a ball and get the whole family involved!

Don’t neglect your parents!

Wimbledon is as much about getting together and celebrating the British summertime as it is about the tennis. While for most people it’s a fun and enjoyable way to while away summer afternoons, it’s can also be a time of year when many older people feel left out and neglected.

If you have parents or older relatives nearby then make sure you get them involved in any parties you plan or simply invite them round to watch a few matches with you and the kids; it’s a great way to bond.

Making the most of summer

We all know about the holidays that seem to come far too early – Christmas cards put up in the shops the moment the ‘Back to School’ displays come down and Easter Eggs cluttering the shelves from Boxing Day onwards! However, Wimbledon, with its memories of relaxed sunny days, picnics on the lawn and fun with family and friends, can never come too early in many households.

So instead of keeping your excitement under wraps while the world gets itself all worked up over Brazil 2014, why not start your preparations for Wimbledon early this year?

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