Recycling clothes: The monster in my bedroom corner….

Recycling clothes: the monster in the bedroom

There is a monster in my bedroom.

It just keeps on growing. I am not really sure how he got there…I think he must have crept in at night when no-one was looking, but we don’t seem to be able to get rid of him now he has taken up residence in his cave. He slobbers and slavers in the corner, desperate for more to eat….we keep feeding him too.

As my kids grow, he seems to be getting bigger and bigger…

Sometimes he reaches out his floppy arms and snatches the kids socks from them when they aren’t watching, he seems to be making a nice little collection for the sock pixies.

He’s not fussy, he eats anything; skirts, dresses, ski socks, even sequin covered leggings, despite the danger that they’ll get stuck in his throat.

Mummy, shall I put this on the too-small-clothes pile?”

One of these days, she won’t return from her adventure with the clothes monster. She’ll disappear into his cotton soaked cave forever….

But wait, who’s there?

It’s the crisp blue knight riding on his polished bronze steed – he’s come to save us!

He charges in with a warning battle cry, waving his sword menacingly at the monster in the corner. He slashes at him with it, sending him flying across the room. The monster rears up, trying to defend himself, but there is nothing strong enough for him to use; his tights, socks and pants just aren’t mightier than the knights sword. He is powerless against his fierce purpose.

The monster is getting smaller, shrinking away bit by bit. He can’t defend his position in the corner of the bedroom any longer. A pile of mismatched socks are all that remains….

The knights victory cry can be heard as he disappears into the night…

“Didn’t you know you could recycle clothes for money?”

The monster whimpers in the darkness in submission, but knows time is on his side. He’ll be back to fight again soon….

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