Simple Birthday Card for a Boy

After my domestic goddess failure for my son’s birthday, I thought I would actually share a minor success with you all – yes, I finally managed to make a card for someone AND fit it into an envelope ;-)

You may have spotted that this blog is starting to get a little bit vintage and crafty on you all….this is an attempt to find me something that I enjoy doing that is creative and NOT revolving around my work over at KiddyCharts. I love writing, and am still trying to pursue that author’s dream.

However, in between I got a Sizzix, and a passion for crafting paper….following on from my Origami hobby as a child.

So, when I spotted this wonderful pin in Pinterest from the Our Little Inspirations blog:

I already subscribe to the Dearie Dolls Digistamp blog for the wondful characters that she makes every day. She also has a very cue Etsy Shop with more great designs.

I only had about an hour due to all the work I had to do, so grabbed some paper, some Pro markers, a couple of embelishments, a bow and Voila!


Given my limited domestic goddess-y-ness, and time – not bad – need to try more layering next time methinks…certainly can’t complete with some of the other crafty bloggers out there, but its a start, isn’t it?