Stuntboy and Chatterbox #PlayTheHero for Philips Lighting and Marvel

This is a slightly indulgent post…

There is rather a cool competitions going on over on the Philips Lighting facebook page, and Chatterbox and Stuntboy wanted to join in – not least because their nicknames are a little bit “Superhero.” The rules are actually rather simple….


My kids were a little reticent at first, I think perhaps because they thought it might be a little bit too much like hard work, but when they saw the prizes, suddenly there was an awful lot of activity:

1st prize: Win a fantastic superhero bedroom party and an animation from Marvel. What does this mean? Well, child who wins will have their bedroom transformed by lighting an amazing place, fit for a superhero. Their entry will also be styled into a Marvel comic book

2nd Prize: Twenty 2nd prize winners will receive a Philips Marvel Spider-Man light.

3rd prize: Ten 3rd prize winners will win a Spider-Man bedroom poster.

That all sounds rather cool, right?

So here you are – Chatterbox wanted to do a book, and Stuntboy a comic – so we introduce you to X-Ray Ray and Gym Girl! Perhaps not your traditional superhero types….

Introducing the hero and the villian

Introducing the hero and the villian


What happened?

What happened?


Defeating Freezing Fiona!

Defeating Freezing Fiona! She is flying there…*honest* And that is a gun…


I think that Chatterbox wanted to make her Superhero a little bit like here, hence the gym.

Stuntboy gave his superhero rather a spectacular power, as you can see from his “comic” approach to the task. I think he may have got a little distracted after the first picture, as the other ones are in rather retro black and white….

X-Ray Ray

Introducing X-Ray Ray


Explaining X-Ray Ray’s Powers

Who is his arch enemy? (Stuntgirl)


Plans to take over the world – foiled with a simple sentence!

So there are our entries!

Why not join in the fun yourself by visiting Philips Lighting’s Twitter and Facebook pages, and submitting your stories, don’t forget the hashtag #PlayTheHero…think what you could win?!?