Are all daughters this fussy about what they wear?

Wedding and parties – this get up was all we could manage – we look OK though?!!?

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Chatterbox is coming up to seven; and she has most definitely inherited some of her mother’s independence, as well as her ability to talk and cry.

For some reason this always comes to bite me on the arse when we are anywhere near clothes.

Almost since the day she was able to point to what she wanted to wear in the wardrobe – its been a bit of delicate subject.

From the age of 18 months to about three, she refused to wear anything other than trousers, and shorts; and her favourite colour was blue. I could be seen buying girls tracksuits because that was one of the few things she was willing to wear; along with jeans and leggings.

I was overjoyed to have a little girl; it made me go all pink and frilly. I bought her baby clothes with pink everywhere; pink dungarees, pink booties, pink tights, and gorgeous pretty pink dresses….

…but then, it all stopped.

We would scream if dresses were put on until I took them off. When she was old enough, she took them off herself.

Parties were interesting…we had to find a pair of white leggings and a lovely long green top for her to wear. That was, apparently, passable – just. Anything else was too much like a dress, and caused an almighty tantrum. Disney princess dresses weren’t even allowed; so our dressing up consisted of a police woman’s uniform, a racetrack driver, and a cycling vest!

I gave up in the end, life is too short to be arguing over what your kids wears.

She changed her mind in the end; she is a woman after all. Dresses were not the work of the devil. Pink was not the colour of Satan’s suits….supposedly. We wear both now, quite happily.

I still don’t tell her what to wear though. Even when she puts orange with pink – mummy’s have NO idea what girls are wearing these days you know. Probably need to nip over the Alexandalexa to find out I guess…

She still pulls down her skirt to go to the loo too; rather than lifting it up. When she was potty training, all she EVER wore were trousers, so pulling down was all she ever did. When she started wearing dresses we had a few occasions where she forgot to lift up the dress properly. Cue extra washing for mummy…..

At seven, we have definitely decided on a particular way of dressing too. I tried to persuade her to go into school for World Book Day in a costume *epic mummy fail*

She ended up going as Beth, a little girl from The Faraway Tree. In otherwords, she went as herself.

I guess the bonus for me was that there was no frantically scrabbling about for a super-amazing-mum-handmade-costume.

Maybe that’s why she did it – she already knows my limitations….

Does your little one have tantrums about what they wear? Is my daughter the ONLY girl that hated dresses as a toddler? Do spill the beans.