This boy’s not made for hot weather….

Hot weather: Pimms anyone

This is a collaborative post as per our disclosure policy.

The English are a peculiar race…we love to moan about the weather, the good, the bad, even the indifferent can get it with both barrels. We are currently going through rather a spell of well, rather hot weather, hot enough to melt the ice-cream before you can say “heatwave.”

Personally, I love the snow; I know its cold, and I know if you’re stuck in a blizzard its more than a bit miserably, but I grew up in Lancashire, a stones throw from The Lake District and if you can get views like this on, why wouldn’t you like snow…


Hope that cooled you down a bit?

Those of us who are from “oop North” are not necessarily cut out for this sweltering heat. My kids have appeared to have inherited the “Grim Opp North” gene too; Stuntboy seems to be suffering the most. He’s a stubborn wee lad and so anything we suggest is met with a myriad of reasons why that’s not going to work, or it won’t suit his Lordship:

  • Open a window – can’t stand the noise
  • Put on the fan – can’t stand that noise either
  • Sleep above the duvet – too cold
  • Sleep below the duvet – too hot
  • Sleep in a vest – too skimpy and not “cool for school”
  • Going to sleep so you don’t actually notice – it’s too hot for that…and its also far too boring!

Personally I think we all ought to just go on a cruise to escape all this heat…wouldn’t that just be perfect? A boat, the sea air, a pool and a never-ending supply (I hope) of the perfect Pimms and Lemonade?

I haven’t even managed to HAVE a Pimms and Lemonade yet, and that’s supposed to be a perk for this heat, isn’t it? I think perhaps I am going wrong somewhere, as all I have done this week is write, work, collect kids from school, put suncream on, runaround like a blue-arsed fly trying to organise myself for the next six weeks when I have to work and look after the kids, and faff about trying to convince Stuntboy that he really DOES want to go to sleep in this hot weather.

Maybe I’ll have better luck this evening….Pimms anyone?

If anyone has any tips for helping small people to sleep in this heat, other than escaping for a cruise, I would be most grateful. Alternatively, if you wouldn’t mind lending me the money for one…

Image above courtesy of Lake District is copyright, erm, me!