Imaginative play: Its just so dam cool

Imaginative play: Who needs a real trumpet when you've got a sword and a balloon stick thingy?

Imaginative play: Who needs a real trumpet when you’ve got a sword and a balloon stick thingy?

Kids and imaginative play are just the best things ever.

There is nothing like fuelling the imagination with stories, television, anything really that gets those little minds and their juices flowing.

Mums and Me had me thinking about my kids games when they asked about the best Christmas presents we had been given, or bought. I remembered my little girl loving her Polly Pocket toys the best. She loved playing with them with my son.

His take on it usually involved Power Rangers marauding onto the scene and disrupting any serenity the stereotypical pink and pretty Polly Pockets were trying to create. Except the time that Black Ranger married one of them of course, driving off in the pink marriage car into the sunset with his beautiful new pint-sized wife.

Like all children, my kids love using their imaginations in their games. It doesn’t matter what the toy was intended for, it can be anything that they want it to be. Their minds have no boundaries. For me, this play is so wonderful to be involved in or to watch hiding behind a door. It’s something so precious it hurts. It shows you starkly how every child is so different. All those wonderful ideas wrapped up into those tiny little bundles.

Last week I stole one of those moments and listened as my kids played.

We have been reading Roald Dahl to them before they go to bed; The BFG. For those of you that don’t know it, it’s a lovely story about a Big Friendly Giant who is befriended by a small girl and they work together to save the world from flesh eating giants.

Before you run off and hide behind the sofa, my kids are 5 and 7 and I wondered whether it was suitable too. As usual though, Roahl Dahl uses humour to make the terror somehow seem perfectly acceptable. The BFG’s most endearing traits are his disjointed speech, and that he blows good dreams through kids’ bedrooms at night.

My kids were using a stick that had been attached to a balloon, and a knight’s sword as dream trumpets. Snow White’s cloak and a Jedi costume has transformed their mundane pyjamas into the BFG’s black cloak which he wore on his night-time forays so he could blend into the darkness. Both were pretending to blow dreams into each others and their soft toys’s ears, while speaking in BFGese to each other;

We is giving you good dreams, bears. You is not dreamin’ of eating Snozzcumbers tonight.”

I had to hide to be honest. It was so lovely, I blubbed a bit too I am afraid.

I love reading. I loved Roald Dahl when I was their age too. Words fail me about how it feels to hear your children enjoy something as much as you did so many years ago.

So thanks Mr. Dahl, you have given this mum one of her best moments with your wonderful book. Here is to many more, with many other children around the world.

What imaginative play do yours get up to that you love – do tell me I’d love to hear all about it! What has inspired it? Is it a book? The TV? Power Rangers? Do let me know. I have added a linky so you can share your posts, photos whatever you would like. Can’t wait to read them all :-)

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