It’s all bickering, and no chocolate cake…*sniff*

Bickering; Can't I just have chocolate cake?

Bickering; Can’t I just have chocolate cake?

Rant alert I am afraid. If you don’t like em, go make a cup or tea. Bickering, I hate it, so….

…I am getting rather annoyed with my kids. Yeah, I know. I am officially a terrible mother. However, within three seconds of me picking them up from school its,

“Mummy, he said he didn’t like my voice.”

“Mummy, she pushed past me.”

“Mummy, she said I smell of poo”

“Mummy, why do you always let her go in first?”

“Mummy, he hit me.” Which is usually that he brushed past me gently trying to reach for his beaker.”

“Mummy, she snatched my book. She’ll ruin in.”

On and on and on… Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhhh.

For Christ’s sake, just stop it will you.

Give each other a break. Give ME a break. I have been working all day. I finished less than five minutes ago. And I didn’t give up my other job which I was quite good at and which paid a lot better than this to come and collect you, and have you screaming at each other, all the bl**dy time.

I have had NO wind down time from being a working person to being a “mummy, mummy, mummy” type person. I used to commute 40mins to a job. God I crave that switch over time. It’s critical for my sanity I think. Now I:

  • Get up from working
  • Get on my coat with about 3 minutes to spare before I am supposed to be at the school gate
  • Rush out
  • Nearly fall over the cat, and then the other cat, who think that because I got up its feeding time
  • Frantically try and find the key which I put down in haste to get to the blasted computer to start work 6 hours earlier
  • Climb into the car and reverse manically off the drive
  • Zoom down the road, trying not to swear at the ever increasingly slow other drivers who don’t seem to have to be anywhere any time soon
  • Park uselessly
  • Run badly, and finally
  • Get told off for always being last there.

I don’t need the bickering.

I need a nice cup of tea and a slice of chocolate cake.

I am sure that’s what I ordered when I got into this child rearing malarky.

Someone changed the rules. Again.

Do your kids bicker? How do you deal with it? Do you just want chocolate cake too?

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