Mourning the loss of pink….

ID-100205726My daughter is growing up.

In a few months time she will be nine years old, and then in the blink of an eye she will be in double figures…

“What are double figures, mummy”

Asked my son when I shuddered at the thought yesterday as the kids played in her bedroom. I wanted to say:

“A scary time for mum when their children hit an age where they are starting to approach becoming an adult, when they will start to find you embarrassing and won’t want cuddles anymore, when they will loose their innocence, when suddenly they won’t get so excited about Christmas, and when I shall have to drop them off at school around the corner because they can’t be “seen” with you.”

However, what I actually said was:

“It is a number that consists of two rather than one digit, like ten, honey”

Not quite as significant, right?

There are already little things I am noticing about my daughter that suggest teenage years are approaching faster than I had anticipated:

  • Pink is no longer the in thing; We were in her bedroom when we were discussing her approaching age increase, and she has expressed a little distaste in recent months about its pinkness..something she used to quite fond of…when she was a “littler” girl, but there is now far too much pin in her life and her bedroom. I think that we may be having to take a quick look at the white bedroom furniture from George at Asda pretty soon as the pink paraphernalia isn’t going to cut it anymore…

“I prefer red now mum, I don’t like Pink.”

  • She calls me mum; I am no longer mummy. Who thought one could wish to see the return of two letters so much….thankfully her brother still says mummy sometimes, but it won’t be long for him
  • “That’s not fair!” Nothing I do is fair, and I am a horrible mum and both the children hate me….now I am pretty sure I am generally just like most other mums, but perhaps with a slightly larger bottom. I suspect what isn’t fair is that my daughter is only 8 and has already got teenage phrases word perfect *marvellous*
  • Nail varnish isn’t just for dress up anymore; its something that we like to wear just because. Nothing wrong with that, I wear it – it’s the other make up that I worry about at her tender age. Perhaps I am a bit of an old prude, but I can’t help but think of some of the reasons why we wear make up as adults…and that it’s all part of the sex thang. Glamour magazine tell me that the average age for kids wearing make-up is now 11, it used to be 14. I don’t remember being allowed to wear it before then.. However, I do seem to have headed this one debate off at the pass. When I was last asked when she could wear lipstick, I responded with something like this…

“Well you tend to wear lipstick when you are going out to help make yourself feel pretty if you are on a date. You look beautiful without, and mummy doesn’t wear it too much, but some people like to wear it”

“Yuk – I don’t like boys, why would I want to do that?” Sorted… ;-)

There are other hints too, but who would have thought that I would be so distressed at the removal of pink from our lives?

What do you miss about your children growing up? Do share with me.

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