Mummy, Where do babies come from?


Where do babies from from anyway?

My little boy asked me something the other day, that I just knew was going to happen one day – he’s five and it was inevitable:

“Where do babies come from?”

I did my motherly duty, of course. And bullshitted a bit.

I explained that two people who love each other do a special kind of cuddle and then they can have a baby.

He seemed satisfied with this minor flannelling.

But I should really have known better than that shouldn’t I?

I thought that was the end of it.

I was wrong.

Very, very wrong.

Naturally in a very public place, the supermarket to be precise, Stuntboy asked, very loudly in the Fruit and Veg aisle, thankfully not to close to the bananas:

“Mummy, can you show me the special cuddle?”

Erm, not too sure I have an answer to that one….and certainly not…erm…here…erm…

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