My daughter’s first book…its a fact!

Chatterbox, whose is seven you know, wanted me to put this on here – not that’s she an exhibitionist you understand, she is just proud of what she has done, so said:

“Mummy, can you put this on the blog to show everyone?”

And why not, I thought!

It’s her first attempt as a book – actually that’s not true, its her second attempt, but I am saving up the first one for a special day, I am not sure when that will be, but whenever it is, HER Cinderella book from when she was four will be going viral!

This one is a little more tame, its an Encyclopaedia of Animals; she likes her facts you see. It has 19 pages, but rather than give you the whole of it in its full glory, here are a few highlights, as chosen by her.

Title page and Contents 

Fishes and Elephants

[About a Fish: Fishes are live under water, some live in the river, they are baue beautiful]
[About an Elephant: a An elephant has a long trunk so they can squirt water out of it. In summer it will have a mo mud bath]

Penguins and Giraffes

[About a giraffe: A giraffe is an animal that can go in Linton Zoo. As you can see, a giraffe has a long neck. It has a black tongue. It eats leaves from a tree called an Acaia tree.]
[About a penguin: A penguin lives in very cold places in the wourld and in zoos. They are very good at diving. They don't yose there wings tho fli fly they swim with them.]

What do you think?

Is there a career at Wikopedia in the offing perhaps?

Does your little one write too? What masterpieces have they created?