Earphones as a new parenting technique…

Source: Sony

Image source: Sony website

My kids are driving me nuts again. I probably ought to have a handle on this, but haven’t yet got it sorted.

Confessions of a 40-year old mum (nearly) continues from my secret love of Olly Murs, to the continuing bickering saga in our household.

My mum advocated ignoring these things, and letting them get on with it….so with this in mind…I am strongly considering getting some Headphones to help me out.

That probably isn’t in any of the latest parenting manuals, is it? However, there are some pretty effective ones on the market at the moment. Take the Sony range, I am pretty sure they are all built for drowning out the sounds of arguing children, and allowing myself to be immersed in the latest Robbie Williams track. In fact, listening to Rock DJ on one of their Extra Base headphones could prove to be rather uplifting.

The Prestige range is even more likely to allow me to forget the incessant whining too – it is, after all, designed to allow you to hear every detail in your music. Therefore becoming rather a perfect barrier to the rather impressive capacity for any child to manage to hit just that right note on the annoying pitch scale…

However, THE best one could well be the Noise Cancelling Headphones; with a name like that I am 100% sure that they couldn’t fail to dispel all arguments forthwith from the house and enable me to focus on the important task of learning the lyrics to One Direction’s “You don’t know you’re beautiful”

What do you think – which one is best for really allowing me to hear my musak over my kids yak?

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