When is it OK to get your kids an iPod Touch?

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My kids are massively into music at the moment.

They LOVE Radio One, and won’t actually let me listen to anything else in the car:

“Mummy, is this Radio One, put on Radio One, Ken Bruce is boring.”

Poor Ken Bruce….

We use Spotify to deal with this insatiable appetite and I don’t mind saying we have actually bought the subscription to the services, so I can listen to what I want when I want with whatever device I want.

We have playlists set up for the kids, one for the hubby and one for me. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to get away from Barbie Girl by Aqua, and other inane drivel. Judging by the number of hits for this horrendous song on You Tube – I am not the only mother being driven slightly insane by the Aqua boys and gals.

Guess…go on….over 75 million. I know, really?!?

Thankfully, some of the songs are actually not too bad, bit of Jessie J, intermingled with One D. You can check out their taste above if you feel so inclined.

But now they have these playlists, the next big question is this….

I found an old iPod Touch in my drawer, I forgot I had it as I upgraded to the iPhone a few years ago. So, do I give it to them?

Or is it only a matter of time if I do before they are Facetiming their friends from their bedrooms, asking to get tickets to Pink from Stubhub, and telling me to pick them up outside the pub.

Or am I just getting a little bit too carried away here – it is, after all, only an iPod right?

Do your kids have iPods? How old are they? Mine are 5 and 7. Do you think they should? What age is reasonable to get one? Your thoughts would be most welcome on this.

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