Trying to join the Wimbledon champions to stop the tears…


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My kids are loving Wimbledon at the moment, its a constant:

“Is that Andy Murray, mummy?”

“Did he win, mummy?”

“Is he Scottish, mummy?”

Last night was somewhat of a close shave, too close for comfort for my two…they were more jumpy than Zebedee. There was a huge sigh breathed in the Neale household when somehow he managed to pull “it” out of the bag…whatever “it” was…

Thank goodness that he is still on track to join the long line of previous Wimbledon champions…there truly are some rather impressive names in the list…

The Complete Wimbledon Winners Timeline by the team at

…and I am not too sure I could cope with the tears if he was to fail to add to this rather impressive set of names….

So please Andy Murray, please win Wimbledon…

Not for the history

……………………….Not even for the prestige

But just so I don’t have to deal with two very upset, very tired, and very inconsolable children.

That’s not too much to ask for, is it?

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