Happy fifth birthday Moshis!

Moshi Fifth Birthday: The CakeMy kids now love me because a couple of weeks ago we went to a fifth birthday party.

Not just any fifth birthday party though, one at Moshi Monster HQ; while the wonderfully clever people at Mind Candy think up their weird and whacky next series of Moshis.

I am forty this year, but I felt about 4 and wished to god I was starting my career all over again so I could work in a place like Moshiland. There were so many amazing things for the kids to do; Moshis to play with, a slide PERMANENTLY on site, an inspirational Treehouse for the creative types, a painting wall which my daughter was drawn too, face painting, balloon making, tattoos, a games room…I could go on forever.

It seems as though Moshi Monsters and Mind Candy do parties as well as they do kids toys and interactive websites: awesome.

But don’t take my word for it, you can see for yourself with the pictures…my kids will be talking about it for the next year. Thanks so much to 77PR for the invite, and you have most definitely got a couple more loyal fans after all your efforts ;-)

Moshi Fifth Birthday Collage

And just in case you don’t know too much about the world of Moshi Monsters, here is a fantastic graphic from them:

Moshi Monster Fifth Birthday Infographic