One Minute Lion

One Minute Lion

One Minute Lion – what’s one of them?

My kids have a pretty set routine in the morning -sleep has always been something that I have cherished, and I have discussed my strict morning routines on this blog before.

No coming in to disturb us adults until 8am; thems the rules at weekends, and the kids have learnt its best to stick to it otherwise Mr and Mrs Grumpy come to town.

Occasionally, the children are playing so nicely we even get a lie in…not more than 30mins, but when I know that may of my fellow parents are woken up at 5am I realise just how lucky this makes me.

Sometimes the bickering takes over, and we end up having to re-write the treaty of Versailles over a small truck and a golden Moshi, but generally the children are wonderful of a morning.

This morning, I stuffed up. The thermostat was up too high, and it heat woke up the kids before 5,30am, and they wouldn’t go back to sleep no matter how many times I explained the seven o’ clock and eight o’clock rule…

I let them run riot, as long as they gave me a lie in; or lion as my little boy likes to call them.

So I heard this…

“Chatterbox, its 8.01am, time to go wake mummy.”

“But she wanted a lion – coz we got up before 5.30am”

“Yeah, I know, its 8.01…thats a lion.”

Well that’s alright then, a one minute lion works for me – how about you?”

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