Feminism when it suits?

Are my attitudes as old as this car - are they really and I am kidding myself?

Are my attitudes as old as this car – are they really and I am kidding myself?

Sometimes I wonder that I am being a wee bit naughty…and I don’t mean in the whips and chains sense *goodness me no*

I am all gung-ho about being into women’s rights, and a modern kind of gal. I do, after all, consider that I am as bright, intelligent and successful in my chosen career as any man would have been…

But then…I gave it all up because I wanted to look after the kids; granted I have found something else to entertain me, but is all this really a career? Or is it just something that keeps me busy, or from going insane? It helps the family coffers, but it isn’t bringing in an equal amount into the household…am I kind of like a kept woman…am I?

….never mind the chores…

….I hate taking the bins out…and let the other half do it without a protest or a whimper….

….Driving scares the crap out of me most of the time, I do it when I have to, and play the slightly feeble female when I don’t so the other half will drive. We have holidayed in Europe in the last three years. I have never once driven on the continent. Why is that? Is it a man’s prerogative to drive on the right?

….Any plugs need changing, bikes need fixing, car-related items need doing, or light bulbs need sorting; I don’t touch them. Couldn’t change a lightbulb if I was the last woman on earth. How many mums does it take to change a lightbulb? Christ knows, anyone want a cup of tea?

….I do all the traditional stuff I like; cooking, looking after the kids, and ignore, to the point I can’t ignore anymore, all the other traditionally female activities that have to be done – like cleaning the toilets, vacuuming the floor and ironing.

In fact, if it’s time to confess being totally inept – I employ someone twice a month to sort out some of those less enchanting tasks.

What does that make me? A feminist when it suits me? A sexist; I would never argue that a women’s place is in the kitchen, or indeed anywhere other than where she feels most at home.

Does all this mean I am just trying to find my place in society, or just sort out what the hell I am supposed to be doing as a mother; other than wiping my kids’ bottoms. Being a stay at home mum isn’t all about that of course. I am being flippant. It can be right for some. But was it for me? I am afraid not.

Perhaps I am just trying to work out what works for us as a family? What keeps both my partner and me sane?

I am not sure that if my other half was inclined he would want to cook dinner, and look after the kids…its not necessarily what floats his boat…

Is my mild feminism (?) just lip service? Do I pretend to be what I am not; and really all I wanted to do was get someone to look after me like those 1950s housewives can be portrayed to be aiming for? I think most definitely not.

Maybe I am just working on a partnership with the other half? He does what he doesn’t mind, and I do what I don’t…?

Being a feminist is all about supporting women in furthering our cause for equality; in whatever form that takes and whatever choices we have made in our lives. I am empowered to be able to achieve; not through my previous career, but in my new role as a mother and a blogger. I have the support from my friends, both online and offline, and my husband, to do this. I have found my feminist voice on my own terms and with my own style. Does make my contribution any less valid to the movement?

What do you think? Anyone want to put the bins out – he’s away…?

Image above courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.