Friendship comes in many colours…

This week has shown me that friendship and love come in many forms…

There are the friends you see every day that are there to hug you , cry with you and give you their arms when you need support.

There are those that you leant on before, at another time in your life, so they are no longer with you. However, when you do need them again, they are there, in a breath, to help you. It seems like they never left you.

There are also the people that you have never met that somehow know the right words to ease that unbearable suffering. People that use words in the most powerful way to touch something important deep within you.

I have seen the power of words this week more than I ever would have imagined.

Words that can tear you apart, but also those that are gentle and make the pain and the heartache seem a little less.

Nothing will ever be the same, and we all know that nothing can be said to change that. Everything from now on will start from the moment that you left.

But somehow, people that you may not even know that well, and that have never met you, can find the words to bring a little colour to the darkness, to bring a small piece of love and hope to a hopeless situation. Those people are together with you always, whenever you need to reach out; to feel that there is someone watching, helping, caring. They listen when you sit there alone in the dark, desperate times.

I have a heavy heart for a lady and a little girl I have never met, but who had a smile that was something special, something that even words couldn’t do justice to. For the too shorter time you graced us all, you will never be forgotten.

My heart breaks for you, Matilda Mae, and for the family that you have left behind. Your brother and sister know you look down on them, and that you have given that special smile to the stars above.

May you rest in peace, and may Jennie and David find the strength from all our thoughts, words and tears to carry on through this together. xx