Goodbye fair jeans…I knew you well…!

Zip it up, love!

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Before I had kids, I wore jeans ALL THE TIME.

Jeans and a T-shirt. Jeans and chunky jumpers. Jeans and vest tops. Jeans and pretty much everything.

In fact, I don’t think I ever wore dresses – dresses were for posh people, or so I thought. And Maxi dresses – had they even been invented?

Now, my jeans and me have had a bit of a falling out since I entered the motherhood.

I think its probably more to do with the fact that I am still incapable of getting thin; I would like to think, however, that it is a fashion statement.

I have matured from a skanky student that wandered about in her jeans all the time, into a beautiful, elegant woman, who wears gorgeous maxi dresses and tunic topics that show just how sophisticated I really am.

Unfortunately, the truth is that I don’t want to have to scrunch that post-baby tummy into my jeans. The jeggings of motherhood are so much more forgiving…

Jeggings don’t have buttons.

Jeans have buttons that cause untold harm to the minds of my children when they see what happens when I try and squeeze the size 16, cake-induced tummy into them.

The Elasticated waists of jeggings are my friend…and I think its going to remain that way for some time *sniff*

As for Maxi dresses; they are, quite simply, marvellous – they cover EVERYTHING. You can get them so they sit beautifully over your scrummy, shellac-ed toes. They are “the perfect cover-up”.

I am still clinging on though. I hope its only until next time for those jeans. You see, I started swimming lessons a couple of weeks ago, so perhaps I haven’t said goodbye to my jeans forever.

Maybe they are just on a sabbatical…

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