Looking ahead to New Year with kids: Hangover anyone?

IMG_1877Many people like to spend their Christmas and New Year in their own homes. It is what we have done for many, many years since we had children.

When I was growing up though, we stayed at home for Christmas itself, and then we travelled down South to were my grandparents were, often on the Boxing Day, with little traffic around, and chilled out up until the New Year when we would head back.

It is a time I remember quite fondly, so there are probably lots of people now planning their family New Years eve breaks. For example they might be off to spend time at the seaside, or take in an evening of frivolity in a posh hotel somewhere while the grandparents look after the little ones and you can bring the New Year in with a bang.

However you look at it though; hasn’t New Year changed rather drastically since the appearance of those little people in your life? It most definitely has with mine.

New Year is not what it once was now that I have children. My new year resolutions are very different as a parent, and the celebrations most definitely don’t match up to some of those that occur around the world. Check out these in the Lunar New Year!

To put it simply, there are three facts that make New Year a quieter, and more sober affair….

You thought hangovers were hell before, then someone jumps on your head when you have one….

We have had a rule since we had kids that our bed is, well, our bed. However, that rule applies until they are able to come in in the morning. Then anything can happen. You don’t want that “anything” to happen when you have had rather a skinful of beer, and a few glasses of champagne – right?

Going to bed later than 1am doesn’t mean you get a lie in until 1pm

Lie ins with kids don’t exist, as I do believe I am mentioned before. My kids think that one minute is a lie in. When you have been up until 5am boogying the night away in some dreary and dingy pub, then being woken up, when you have a hangover less than two hours later, does not make for either a) a good look or b) a good day

40 is now my age, and not the amount of units I can drink in one night

OK, so that is an exaggeration (I think); I am pretty sure even at university I wasn’t consuming that much alcohol. But, having turned forty this year, I can safely say that age has very much caught up with me. I am not going to be going out all hell for leather on New Years Eve. I will be lucky if I even manage to stay awake past midnight.

I have this horrible feeling that I am a sad, old, git. Ah well, at least my husband feels the same; we can be sad old gits together then, can’t we?!?

How has the New Year changed since you had kids? Do you still party? If you do, can I come; though I might bring the kids? Champagne anyone?

Image above courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.

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