When T-Mobile met the iPhone 5: All hell broke loose….

iPhone customer service disaster....

Unfortunately, this is not me, with my iPhone…

I bought an iPhone 5 this week.

This should have been a joyous occasion, and should have seen me tripping through tulips on my iPhone 5 texting my gorgeous friends about how wonderful the world was, and how happy I was with my new 4G enabled, super sexy, black little number.

But no, what actually happened was totally different.

I SAID I want unlimited data – so I get 500MB

I feel I was mis-sold a plan by T-mobile, perhaps this was because they are receiving commission from EE for the number of T-mobile customers that are sent their way. The EE customer service bod I spoke with; well, he even mentioned that he has to deal with numerous calls like mine every day precisely because T-mobile aren’t giving the right information to people.

“They are on commission for plans sold”

*Customer service gold star – not*

Put it this way, if you phone up asking for an upgrade and specifically ask for an unlimited data plan because you are a bit of a social media / internet geek and you don’t want to be cut off in the middle of a Facebook status update…

….you then don’t expect to be told that the unlimited data plan you were told you were buying was actually for only 500MB of data monthly. You then don’t expect to be told that:

“EE don’t do unlimited data plans at all, on any monthly tariff”

In addition, you don’t expect to find out that you have, in fact, left T-mobile and are now with EE; when you didn’t actually realise that was going to happen. I have been a relatively happy customer of T-mobile for 13 years – yes that is 13 years.

However, after this rather poor attempt at getting a tariff for me that was designed for what I was after, I am not entirely sure I will be staying with them. Perhaps a trip to Carphone Warehouse is in order?

All I wanted was a scrumptious iPhone 5 to stroke on my long evenings on social media, and instead I got a phone call of over an hour with a very apologetic T-mobile retention team member; desperately trying to get me to stay with EE and not send back my iPhone 5 so I could start all over again….

Not only that, but my gorgeous friend from Design Essentials had to wait for her glass of white wine while I faffed about on the phone. I am sure she had better things to do, not least selling some of her rather sumptuous home decor bits and bobs.

Send your sexy iPhone 5 back, and we can help….

You are not going to believe what I have to do to solve T-mobile’s mistake….

Wait for it…get this, I have to send back my iPhone 5 to correct the problem, that way I can go back to my old plan, and sort out this mess that was, in fact, nothing to do with me in the first place.

Can someone please explain the logic in that piece of customer care?

I feel that someone mis-sells me something, I receive the goods, and in order to solve their mess, I have to spend my time going down to the post office, potentially spending my money (which I am assured will be refunded) to send the iPhone 5 back. This iPhone 5 I actually want to keep, but I need to send back so I can order it again on the right plan, that works for me……

Frankly the mind boggles….

I am calling them tomorrow to find out when they are going to do, and I know they want me to keep the phone, because they don’t want to lose that commission *she says cynically*

Has anyone else has issues with T-Mobile in your opinion, mis-selling them plans? I would be interested to hear your thoughts, and I did actually report this to Ofcom too. Though no idea whether anything will come of that.


I have spoken to EE an T-Mobile twice since, and both times we seem to have managed to get wires crossed, and things aren’t progressing as they should. I now have NO phones that work, as I try to tranfer back to my old tariff to start the process all over again… I have had to raise another complain as it was not made clear that there may be a break in service due to me going back to T-Mobile again from EE. At least when I do get my phone back I shall be able to take a long hard look at what and whom I would like to have my next plan with…. I will definitely be checking out Three, Vodaphone and some of the other providers now.

Image above courtesy of FreeDigitalPhotos.net.