The tale of Donald Duck, the Maracana and a scorpion

mexican-hatMany, many years ago – well actually about 6 – we went to Disneyland in Florida.

We were incredibly lucky to be able to go – and the holiday was entirely due to  my lovely sister-in-law working in Florida at the time. The prospect of free accommodation was just too good to miss out on, so we bundled the babe (Stuntboy) and the toddler (Chatterbox) on to the plane and braved the scorching temperatures of Disney in June.

Oddly, after a week there, the ride that seemed to capture the imagination of a nearly one year and two and a half year old wasn’t what you would expect . It wasn’t the flying elephants, and the magic carpet, but The Three Cabelleros Gran Fiesta Tour at the Epcot Theme Park within the Mexico pavilion. Nothing to do with the Magic Kingdom, and certainly not what I had always associated with Disney. This ride is based on the 1944 film from Disney where Donald Duck – that cheeky fella – travels across Latin America opening presents from his friends. Somehow the colours and the music captured my kids imagination more than anything else, and we bought the DvD as soon as we got home.

Mexico holidays with Donald: Three Cabelleros

Donald all ready for his Mexico holidays in the Three Cabelleros!

Ever since then, my children have been fascinated by Latin America; the culture, the music, the chaos, and because of more recent events, the football! Brasil has featured a lot in their thoughts, and everytime we see a game, they want to visit. I suspect they aren’t too clear about the distances involved. Thanks to The Three Cabellaros and that Disney trip though, we are going to have to manage to fit holidays to Mexico around visiting the Maracana stadium. I am pretty sure we will have to go to a specialist like First Choice to get someone to create a holiday that was likely to take in both those destinations and most importantly, was suitable for kids.

How do I get myself into these things?

Thanks to my husband’s ability to mess about on YouTube with my son, we are in danger of also needing to stop off in Colombia on the way as well. Personally, I blame Rene Huguita and his scorpions.

At least we don’t need to take in Uruguay as well now thanks to a certain biting incident in the last few weeks…

Anyone fancy helping us go to Brasil, Mexico and Colombia with two little people?

No – thought not.

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