Bullying can happen to anyone….but did it make me stronger?


I don’t tend to write about personal, really personal stuff on this blog.

I am not sure why, but I find it more cathartic to bother other people with my inner musings…..

To that end, I am guesting over on the lovely Jayne’s Mums the Word blog today talking about my experiences as a young child, both in primary and secondary school, where I was bullied – not physically, but verbally.

I am acutely aware of bullying now, as my children get older, and it is the one thing that terrifies me most as a mum, well apart from all the other things of course ;-)

I think this is because I have experienced it myself, and how it made me feel as a child, But not only this, I have seen professionally how devastating it can be to young lives.

So go on, have a read, and then think about how you can help stop bullying today. It is a far more complex beast than it was when I was a young girl; Facebook, Ask.fm and the proliferation of mobile phones have made it incredibly difficult to keep track of who is doing what, when and to whom.

There have been some tragic cases in the media of how things can spiral out of control.

We all need to help where we can.

Nip on over and read, and thanks for your time.

Photo credit: freedgitalphotos.net / Ambro