Children’s birthdays: Pineapple, princesses and pink icing

Childrens Birthdays - my kid wants pineapple!

Childrens Birthdays – my kid wants pineapple and this, I am told is a pineapple corer…

So CBeebies is educational; and not just for the kids….

My daughter wanted a pineapple for her birthday.

Yeah, I know. She wanted all the girlie, princessy type stuff too. But virtually the first thing that she asked for was a pineapple.

Who would, as a parent, kerb the desire of a child to eat fresh fruit? So she got one.

She also got the;

“Thing that they used on CBeebies to cut it into nice rings, mummy. Because when you do it, it’s covered in brown bits.”

Erm, clearly I am not an expert at chopping pineapples, am I? Not that passed the Chatterbox quality control anyway.

Apparently, that’s a pineapple corer – now who knew that? You did, did you? Bugger. Another *parentingfail.* Should have got one of those instantly she was born, shouldn’t I? Alongside the muslins and the bigger boobs…

She does love her pineapple, but I haven’t braved using the corer yet. I will though. Hopefully I won’t cut myself to shreds, but there is always a chance…

Children's birthdays: the fabulous pink cake from Love Little Cakes

Children’s birthdays: the fabulous pink cake from Love Little Cakes

For her party this year, we had the wonderful Love Little Cakes come round and do a rather marvellous cupcake party. This stems from another *parentingfail* of mine. I am utterly crap at baking. I have tried; but I just can’t get it right. I am too much of a perfectionist, if it doesn’t look like the picture. It’s rubbish. And nothing ever looks like the picture…

Unless, of course, Laura from Love Little Cakes made it that is….

So we had a rather pink party, but Stuntboy bucked the trend and made lovely green iced cakes. Fit for any Incredible Hulk fanatic. Or slime monster. He loved it all. Which for a boy that swears he hates pink and girls….

I am now hoping that all this has put her desire to bake to bed.

Unfortunately, what did she get for her birthday?

A cupcake making kit. *Dam*

I would like to point out that Love Little Cakes have not paid me for this post. I just think Laura and her business are fab. So there. And neither did the people that made the pineapple corer, and they aren’t likely to either, as I can guarantee I shall be crap at using it.

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