Lance Armstrong drugs cheat: Fallen heroes

Lance Armstrong - drugs cheat

Lance Armstrong – drugs cheat

Last night I read my son a reading book from his scheme at school.

It was all about the Tour de France, and Lance Armstrong was everywhere in it. He actually pointed to a picture saying:

“That’s Bradley Wiggins, Mummy.”

No son, that is NOT Bradley Wiggins, Bradley Wiggins is a hero. Lance Armstrong is anything but. Bradley Wiggins will always have to silence the doubters that think he got to were he is, not because of talent, but because of external enhancement.

That is Lance Armstrong, and others like him’s fault. A gold medalist, and a man of his talent should not have to do that.

We have had to re-write history. The book is, admittedly, a little old. But my husband tells me that between 1996 and 2010 there is one, yes ONE winner of the Tour de France that was dope-free. Jesus. Puts it into perspective somewhat. What is the reason why they haven’t given those titles to others? Again, the font of cycling knowledge says its because 27 of the last 30 podium finishes in the Tour have been found to have been using drugs. *gob-smacked*

Armstrong’s explanation for cheating was unbelievable; something along the lines of everyone else was doing it, so I had to as well. So you had to cheat to win it, eh? Because actually, you just weren’t good enough without chemicals coursing through your veins.

So I have a personal message to you, Lance….though as you did appear to be a little arrogant you probably don’t give a stuff what I say.

You were my husband’s hero. You were mine too. Now….you aren’t fit to strap my husband’s cycle shoes on. He cycles for fun, for fitness, for the joy of success; Success without cheating.

You were the hero of many who fought cancer and came back. And even that was done with a shove.

You are nothing but a liar. A sparkling, champion one of those, admittedly. To achieve what you did, to lie in courts, in the face of repeated questions about your drug must be.

You are a lesson to any five year old. My son wanted to know why you cheated. And why did you, when now people see you for the scoundrel and manipulator you really are. My son understood that when you win and you have cheated, you are looked on so very differently, when in his words:

“if you win by cheating, it doesn’t mean the same, mummy, right?”

So if he can get it at five, why in god’s name didn’t you?

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