Getting the right support for 2004 OR My boobs are WHAT size?!?!

New Year Resolution: Bra Fitting

I didn’t shove these in the bra when it was fitted honest – though I went coz it felt like I had….

Everyone makes New Year resolutions – well, most people do; and if you’re anything like me, they have been forgotten by about January 15th.

This year I have made three of them, and already managed to complete one and it’s New Year’s Eve.

More on the other two later, but my first and best New Year resolution was to sort out my support for 2014.

I don’t mean the wonderful support I have at home for running a business, looking after kids, and generally being an uber-mummy *ahem*

No, I mean the support up top…..

The support that keeps my kahoonas from smacking me around when I exercise.

The support that stops them from making an appearance when Stuntboy yet again tries to lift my top up in a public place, usually the Post Office. Typically this happens when I am trying to get the nice lady behind the counter to give me some stamps, at the same time as trying to stop him from climbing on the counter, or maiming himself with those silly queue thingies. You know the ones that snap into the poles, and alternately whip you on the arse when your six year old fiddles with them…

…thankfully, the bra fitting is supposed to be stopping my boobs from doing that too…

I went to John Lewis today; the kids were with their dad causing havoc in the toy aisle. Stuntboy spent his Xmas money on a finger scooter *the mind boggles*

Meanwhile, a very nice lady was checking that there was enough finger room between me, and a very expensive piece of silk/cotton lace stuff.

If you ladies have not had a bra fitting since having kids then I urge you to go and do it NOW!

In the days when I didn’t know that there was another use for boobs *no smut please*; I was a 36C. Back then, I was 30, a size 12, and ran twice a week.

Now I am 40, a size 16, and run about once a month; and only when I am within distance of a toilet. I swim; but that is a whole other story – which involves a woggle and a sniggering teenager *I think*.

Somewhere in the last ten years, I have squashed another lady’s boobs into mine..I am now a 34F.

Who knew childbirth had such positive effects on the body too, Eh?

If you do nothing for the New Year – get your boobs measured properly. You never know – you might have an extra set too.

Incidentally, this is NOT a sponsored post. I just needed a bit of support for 2014; and John Lewis seemed as good a place as any to go for it.

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