Getting thin: 10 reasons that I would be thin if….

I would be think if...

I would be think if…

I have never been good at getting thin…I would be thin if…

  1. …calories that were sneaked while the kids weren’t watching didn’t count as no-on can see you eat them
  2. …cakes were classed as part of a healthy eating plan
  3. …worrying about the kids burnt as many calories as running a marathon
  4. …cheese was horrible and chocolate was poisonous
  5. …someone invented a way to exercise without showing anyone quite how much I had actually let myself get into this overly large state
  6. …facebook was part of a calorie controlled diet
  7. …my not so secret secret cupboard had a lock on it
  8. …I stopped buying cake in the online shop; its so easy just to click a button you know, much easier than reaching for a pack of cakes, and putting them in the trolley – dam that Tesco Direct….
  9. …pinning pictures of cakes and choc on Pinterest sucked all the calories out of my arse
  10. …I could actually be bothered!

What about you? Anyone else got anything to say? Pop in the comments, or write a post and pop in the comments, whatever you fancy!

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