Room 101 – What would you put in yours?

Room 101I have been meaning to write a post about this for a while, but I got so fed up this morning that I decided to just blooming well do it NOW, despite the fact that I should be doing a lot more important stuff.

The idea for the Room 101 meme is simple:

  • Pick three things/people/whatever that you would shove in a room never to see the light of day again (Room 101)
  • Explain why should they go in there
  • Tag three bloggers to carry the meme forward (if you want to).
  • Be great if you can display the badge so people know where to go to look at all the lovely posts in the meme too.

Clearly, this is based on the Room 101 TV show – I am not original enough to have thought of this myself I am afraid.

So cheers, Nick Hancock…and here are my three (in no particular order), very personal Room 101 choices….

1. Idiots who don’t know how to drive considerately

There are a lot of cars in the world. Apparently, over 32 million this year. If you have one, can you please learn to drive it thinking about the other people on the road? And if you don’t, I am giving you a gentle shove in the back to push you through that room 101 door.

How many times have YOU waited at a roundabout for a car to go straight on, and then they turn left on your ass?

How many times have YOU had to reverse around parked cars in a road thinner than Naomi Cambpell’s waist because some imbecile can’t be bothered to look ahead and goes round the parked cars when its YOUR right of way? Then YOU have to get their butt out of trouble because they realise that they are totally and completely stuffed and can’t move THEIR cars anywhere…

How many times have you nearly been hit moving onto a roundabout because the nutter on the right has lost his mind and decided that its not your turn to go, its actually his, and the Highway Code doesn’t apply to him (or her) because he is special?

Lots, right?

In which case, you can join me in putting all these people who consistently drive like this, because I know that we all have off days, in Room 101. Cars are wonderful because they give us all so much freedom, but in hands of inconsiderate oafs they become killers. Nuff said.

Midge Plane: Room 101

This is a Midge Plane – they are fine, in fact, I quite like them….
Source: San Diego Air and Space Archives

2. Midges

Hate them. Little buggers they are. Why did God bother with them? What do they actually do other than suck the live blood from you, and then make you itch like hell.

In fact, let lose a load of midges into the cars of the crap drivers of the world – then that’d teach them…wouldn’t it?

If god created everything with a purpose – what is the purpose of the midge, other than to really bloody annoy us. The worst thing about them is that they turn up in beautiful, tranquil places like by the side of a lake.

There you are, having an idyllic time and then wham, you get bitten by one of the little sods.

See, they can’t they even have the decency to just hangout in crap places so then we wouldn’t meet them so often.

Why can’t they be like the dung beetle? I don’t like them too much either, so guess what, I don’t go near dung….

3. Schizophrenia

Not sure you can strictly put an illness into Room 101. However, my blog post, so my rules.

So, this illness can just p**s right off too. Not only do the doctors not know enough about it, from what causes it to how to cure it, but its so misunderstood that living with it is an incredible battle.

A lot of people think its about split personalities, but its not. It’s a highly complex illness that causes anything from auditory hallucinations to a lack of motivation; and a wealth of other symptoms in between.

Because so many people misunderstand it; it scares them.

The illness changed my brother, it has made my parents life so much harder, and it has caused untold grief to many other families out there.

Frankly, it can just get lost.


In all honestly, I could go on…and on….and on…

But for now that’s my three – what are yours?

I am tagging three other bloggers to do this as well because I am intrigued to hear what they would pop in there…so step up and shove some crap into room 101 too:

If you want to join in, then please do. I would love to see what you would put in room 101. If you don’t blog, then do tell me in the comments. It would be uber amazing if you do blog if you can write a post on this and then leave your links here…I am keen to make that room 101 take as much s**t from the world as possible!

Grab the badge if you fancy to display on those posts, we can then all find each other a wee bit more easily.

And before I go – do you agree with my three choices – I won’t take it personally if you don’t, though I do think I made a good case for all of them, of course. ;-

Stickers, Stars and Smiles Room 101
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