Batgirl costume review: Saving with world from the washing line…

Pink batgirl costume - take that!

Pink batgirl costume – take that!

We were lucky enough to have been sent a rather fetching, very bright, and very pink, batgirl costume to review by Simply Fancy Dress.

Chatterbox chose the kit – I was thinking more of something rather classic, like a princess or a fairy. Lucky mummy didn’t make the final decision really, as she’d have got it wrong; again.

Since it arrived, I have spent the last few hours listening to the two littlies saving the world:

Stuntboy: “Where are you?”

Chatterbox: “I’m here, practising my powers.”

Stuntboy: “Where?”

Chatterbox: “Under the washing line.”

Clearly, the location of the bat cave is moving with the times….

The costume is excellent for firing their imagination, as is typical with fancy dress. And my two simply adore it. It has also given me some peace.

Batgirl costume; you've got to have a bit of superhero variety as a batgirl about town - haven't you?

Batgirl costume; you’ve got to have a bit of superhero variety as a batgirl about town – haven’t you?

The material is a tad thin, so care is required; I would also recommend that you are careful that the velcro to attach the cape doesn’t come into contact with the material of the dress as it may fray it. In addition, the stitching is a little prone to coming undone. Disappointingly, the belt and the boots that came with the outfit needed a little TLC after a day’s play.

That aside, the pink beauty does come with all a batgirl needs; boots, a velcro cape, a mask, arm guards, a belt (tied at the back), and a dress. Chatterbox is a very tall seven year old (13ocm), so the medium we got (5-7) is a little short on her. Nothing that a fetching pair of leggings can’t solve though. The girl’s pink batgirl costume¬†retails at ¬£18.49 all in.

We all know how fickle young ladies can be, so batgirl was ably assisted by Captain America, Spiderman, and Red Power Rangers in saving the world.

You can’t just have one superhero sidekick you know, you’ve got to try them all.

I suspect that this outfit is going to be a favourite for a while; so much so that Chatterbox put it back in the plastic wrapper it came in and placed in carefully in her drawer. She doesn’t want to damage it by putting it in the dressing up box with everything else. Go figure.

She even drew a picture of herself in it. Not bad for a seven year old, eh?

Batgirl costume review chatterbox self portrait

This is me – ready to save the world in my batgirl costume!

Now, lets leave the last word to those superheros; over to Spiderman and Batgirl for a lesson in climbing walls…

Note: we were provided with the costume for the purposes of review. All opinions, drawings, videos and photos are our own though. As were the other costumes, and superhero sidekicks.

Batgirl, Spiderman and Captain America are available for all world-saving engagements for a small charge, and a slice of cake.