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I used to be a bit of a supermarket tart; in other words, I would chop and change my shop online depending on the weather, the way I felt, or the amount of online vouchers that just so happened to have landed in my email inbox in that particular week.

However, ever since having the kids, I have found myself sticking with Ocado, its just – well, easy, to be honest. I wasn’t actually paying too much attention to costs, and felt I just didn’t have time to go about seeking all the relevant offers, trawling through the email lists, or visiting all their websites to keep up to date with the latest voucher shenanigans.

I should have been though.

It wasn’t until a good friend of mine pointed out that Ocado can be rather more expensive that I decided something needed to be done about this. I was rather chuffed to find an online comparison site that could help me stop breaking the bank with the amount of money I spent on cat food and kids snacks. Strangely, cats and kids seem to cost a hell of a lot of money these days….

The website, actually does the tarting about for me; in the nicest possible way of course.

Its dead simple:

  1. mysupermarket-importing-favourites-successfullyRegister with the site, and it lists the shops that deliver in your area
  2. Import the favourites from the shop that you would like to use as your “main” comparison supermarket
  3. Pop all your bits and bobs into the basket; while watching how must this basket costs depending on which shop you decide you will eventually buy it at
  4. Remember to use some of the extra functions within the site, such as:
    1. Savvy Buys, which enable you to see what goods are on offer at great prices, even including a graph of how those prices have changed recently
    2. Swap and Save, which shows you what you could save if you looked at other similar brands within the shop. For example, I typically buy Felix cat food, but was alerted to the cheaper Waitrose Essential variety which saved me almost £1.00 a packet.
  5. Decide which shop you would like to make your purchases through, and chose whether or not you actually want to split your basket between your usual shop, and another supermarket to make more savings. This is called a split shop. It is worth noting that the savings displayed for these split shops don’t seem to take into account the extra delivery charges that two shops would result in….
  6. Transfer your baskets to the relevant sites through the website
  7. Go to the relevant supermarket websites, and checkout your shops on their sites.

There you have it – all done and dusted.

In my particular shop; I discovered that I was wasting money on cat food. I love my cats, but they seem to be eating me out of house, home, and bank account. I swapped my Ocado Felix for some Asda KiteKat and saved nearly £4.00 on a week’s cat food.

I was also pleasantly surprised that the other little critters that eat rather a lot in our house; the kids, could also be saved – or at least the money I spent feeding them could be…

The children’s Kiddylicious snacks for school lunch boxes prices are best ignored, unless you want palpitations. However, the swap and save feature on the website presented me with different options. I could buy other flavours of the same snack using a multi-buy feature and save myself some cash. So I did, indeed, swap and save.

In the end, the total shop saved about £7.25 after splitting between Asda and Ocado.


I am definitely going to be back next week, with only a few provisos:

  • To make sure I understand what extra delivery charges apply on the split shop
  • To be aware that the replacement goods are not always going to be the same within the split shop. However, you can chose which ones you get from which store, and can easily swap them back again if you don’t like the new versions you have been suggested as an alternative.

Why not try it out? It is certainly worth dipping your toe in – I saved nearly £8.00! Let me know how you get on.