Being there this summer…


We are going to do lots of stuff this summer – and I shall be properly there this time – I promise!

Last summer was difficult for me…I didn’t feel I was “there” for my kids.

I was trying to be this uber fantastic blogging/working/social-media-y mum, and I missed stuff. I didn’t just miss any stuff, I missed a lot of important stuff.

Not least the moment, when I realised that I was trying to answer a work email, and I ended up very nearly setting my kitchen on fire because I wasn’t paying attention to some of that important domesticated stuff.

Five years ago, I gave up work as a business analyst. Somehow after that I managed to carve a nice wee niche for myself in the social media/blogging world.

This has meant that I can earn a part-time wage without leaving the house, well not too often anyway.

However, it has also meant that sometimes I have my nose down and looking at my phone, or messing about on the computer. My nose seem to be missing things it shouldn’t such as when I should be watching my daughter or my son doing something cool at the playground, or having fun on the trampoline, or making a magic potion from the leaves and the mud in the tractor trailer in our garden…

This summer, I am not going to do that. I am going to “be there” for them as much as I can. I will give myself blogging time, but I am NOT going to stress about not answering those emails immediately. If you send me an email this summer, you will get this:

“Hi there,

Thanks so much for your interest. It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that it is now the summer holidays, and we are knee deep in children’s activities.¬†As a result, we have more limited access to emails. Please bear with us, we will get back to you as soon as we prise our children off our legs.

Kind Regards,”

I think that is fair enough, don’t you?