Dust off that fiction book Helen, and submit it now!

Do I need literary agents blog or blogging

Why would I want to get a literary agent?

I have a kids fiction book in my drawer.

That’s probably not that unusual. Except this one, I wrote myself, and I haven’t looked at it for 6 months.

It was only 8,000 words and its for 8-12 year olds, and I think its too short.

I am too scared I haven’t got anything else to say… *confused face as I am a chatterbox*

I hung out with Britmums yesterday, chatting about how literary agents can help bloggers to get those books published. From blogger to published author. Amanda Preston, of LBA Literary Agency, gave us pointers on what lierary agents do, when we should approach them, and why on earth we should be bothering.

We were joined by Jen from Britmums and also Marianne Weekly from Mari’s World, and a Britmums editor.

Being an author is something that secretly I aspire to, but I am just that little bit too worried that I don’t have what it takes.

Not by a long shot.

Listen in, if you want some advice…

Then maybe you can give me some too – should I even bother?

*slowly reaches to desk drawer….*

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