I have a cunning plan for my forty year old bingo wings….

bingo-wings: Use that credit cardThis is a featured post.

It may not have escaped regular readers notice that I was forty this week. In fact, this event will have gone down in the annals of YouTube history thanks to my daughter’s dainty fingers and first attempt at video-ing someone. Bless.

The approaching doom of my 40th did make me notice something rather important though; I am singularly lacking within the wardrobe department for the impending summer *see we are going to have one after all. I was going to have to compare credit cards rates, so that I could don my shopping shoes and hit the busy streets to make sure my bingo wings are properly covered over in our English Summer. Despite my best intentions, I am never going to find the time to get rid of them using more conventional methods

I was actually rather looking forward to the day after my birthday when I would be able to take my wish list, and hit those stores. I am a mum, and as such don’t get much time alone. Even going to the loo requires an exceptional level of Ninja Stealth. Something that is hard to achieve when you are shattered and trying to get the kids out of the door at 8.30am for their learnings…

When you are a grown up with kids, birthdays become very different. It is hard to even acknowledge them at times, let alone decide what you would like to have for them. It’s no shame for relatives to opt for the easy:

“Go on – you get something nice with this”

We can’t complain when we can’t even decide what we would like to get, or we don’t have the time to even think about it. I have done it myself and was totally expecting Brad to do use the same, even for a milestone like my fortieth.

However, Brad has saved his best to this year. There wasn’t a voucher from the ever reliable Phase Eight, or stash of cash in sight, just some rather excellent and thoughtful birthday gifts, including a voucher for a family portrait at a rather nice local photographic studio.

This originality does mean that that I am going to have to develop my operation bingo wings cover-up somewhat…

But never fear, we have a plan, a cunning, almost Baldrick like, plan…

I am going to scower the internet for the best credit card rewards, oh yeah – and then we will build up some great cash back for me to be able to put into action my summer wardrobe mission. Not only will we be able to say goodbye to bingo wings, but I shall look 40 years young again.

In fact, as its Brad’s birthday in less than a month, perhaps we can even buy all his birthday presents on the credit card, and then use the nice little reward earnings for my bingo wing nest-egg.

Now that really is a good thought…