Let us tell you a story – part 12

Tired Mummy of Two


My kids haven’t yet done this *bad mummy*, but I do remember consequences as a child – not the naughty step type of consequences, but the game where you tell a story – each taking one line at a time, leading you on a merry, but fun ride, where you really don’t know where you are going until you have got there.

Tired Mummy of Two started one for us bloggers; a story of intrigue, and betrayal so far, but no-one knows where it is headed. Part one saw a young woman awake; the rest of the tale is slowly unfurling..with each part shown on the blog hop below so you can follow the adventures of our heroine.

It now falls to Stickers, Stars and Smiles to take the baton from Older Single Mum whose last words were:

“Suddenly Poppy started to bark – someone was at the door.”

So here goes…

“Crap, who is earth is that?” Laura thought.

Her heart couldn’t take any more surprises – it clearly wasn’t properly healed after the night Robert walked away from the car and she had never seen him again. They had never found him and he had been presumed dead all these long years. The police had co-ordinated the search teams; nothing…no evidence he had even been with her..just her memories of the terrible argument that had forced him out of the car, disappearing from her life forever.

Now Tony, a man she hadn’t even known before last night’s drunken antics, was telling her that the accusations she had made were right. Nightmares had tormented her sleep. Robert was reaching to her through the fog, his hand always too far away from her no matter how hard she strained to reach it. Her dreams were born from her guilt at accusing him, but now…

Maybe all they had really been were ideal fantasies from a grief-stricken woman.

Perhaps he HAD been with another woman when she needed him the most…

Suddenly, the knocking became louder, and pulled her thoughts violently back to the present. She forced herself to get up from the sofa and walked past Tony averting her gaze as she went. She would deal with these revelations as soon as she had got rid of their unwanted visitor.

Reaching the door, she opened it. Standing on her doorstep was a man she instantly recognised.”

Who is the man before her – what does he want – hasn’t she had enough of mysterious men turning up and causing her trouble?!? And what HAD happened to her when she needed Robert?

Hop on over to Plus 2.4 tomorrow and find out who the doorstep man is…wonder if he’ll have a beard